3 Reasons to ask a Corporate Events Company Singapore Organizer to engage a Live Band

There are many different entertainments out there when it comes to corporate events planning. Some of the entertainment includes getting a D.J. to spin the music for the night. Some include getting dancers to dance their night away, and some involve getting magicians to make eye tricking moments that amaze everyone.

The above are just some of the many entertainments available for you to choose from all of this. Let’s be frank – we are all spoilt for choices. But what makes the best entertainment for your annual corporate event, and what are the main reasons to choose them?

Corporate events berkshire are an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy. They are used to celebrate the successes, introduce new products and services, and to build brand awareness.

Indeed, this is something you would want to talk and discuss with your corporate events company Singapore organizer in grave detail. Event Companies in Singapore have many contacts for entertainment, and you need to choose the right joy to fit your company’s theme for the night.

Take for example – If you are going for a Disco Night theme, it won’t o engage a Live Band. It will make more sense to hire a D.J. to spin the music for you, don’t you agree?

Having said so, this is the reason why you need to sit down with your events company Singapore organizer and plan what is the best entertainment to get the best event company Singapore can get you is to have a Live Band for Corporate Events!

Below, we will be listing down some of the many different reasons why you should engage a live band for corporate events to entertain your guests throughout the night. From there, you can pat your event organizer on the back, telling him he has done a great job in recommending a live band for you!

1) They have highly-experienced musicians

What you do want is to have a great night with professional musicians on stage. You want someone with the vocal prowess of Mariah Carey, don’t you? For that, you need to ensure the singers are professional!

When you get a live band company to sing for your corporate event in Singapore, you can be sure that they will be able to bring in highly-experienced singers to do the job for you. They will be very professional in handling any requests, and they will amaze your guests!

Before you engage them, do ensure that you check out their profiles and their past clientele. Does it make up for the amount that you are paying them? How many years of experience do they have in the industry? A gauge of quality will be at least ten years of experience before it can pass the test of getting your events company Singapore organizer to approve their performance!

2) They have the best pricing!

Are you worried about the budget that has limited your choices of entertainment for your corporate event? Fear not! Engaging a live band for your event is cheap. Yes, you heard us right, it is cheap!

Let me ask you – How much does it take to engage your food caterer? It will be tens of thousands to feed probably five hundred mouths, correct?

Now, are you prepared to hear how much does a live band for a corporate event cost?

It will cost you less than $2000.

What that you saw above is not a typographical error. You read it right. Let me spell this out to you. It is under two thousand dollars.

For that on the above, you will be able to get a professional live band to sing for your corporate event, and making your bosses in your Singapore company jumping for joy at the substantial cost, savings you can have!

3) Professional Show Management

Are you worried that on the day your corporate event, your musicians don’t show you or are late, or you do not know what to do with them?

Fear not! A professional corporate events company will come with a dedicated event manager that will be on-site to manage your musicians for you! For all that is said, it is when you will find a significant difference in having and not having one.

Imagine if you go down and you do not see anyone, what should you do? That is when your event manager comes into play. Your event manager will be the one to organize all your musicians and ensure they are on time; they know what songs to sing, and they are appropriate for your event.

Does this give you a sense of assurance by hearing what we are talking about on the above?

4) They are highly engaging performers

Musicians are one particular breed of people that brings joy to the world. When they sing, they will sing their hearts out for people, and this is what that makes the difference in the show.

When we are talking about engagement, we want to see people being engaged and engrossed in the performance. If we do not see that, then what is the difference by playing music from Spotify, and witnessing area live band performing in front of you?

The answer is all about engagement that they can bring. For all that is said, all your guests will be able to bring joy and laughter to everyone, and if you are lucky you will see your guests rushing down to the dance floor dancing the night away with the musicians down there!

Besides that, a professional live band for your corporate event will be able to play music of all genre like Pop, Jazz and R&B. This is how musicians make unique connections to your guests, by matching the right genre for your audience!

Get this right! If you want engaging performances, do be sure to get your events company Singapore organizer to get a live band for your corporate event! You can never go wrong with this!

5) They provide song dedication slips!

Do you have songs that bring special meaning to your life at specific moments? Do you remember on certain life events that are associated with particular songs? Or do you have pieces that you dearly love that you just want to hear them live from your performing musicians?

Regarding all on the above, the beauty comes with the dedication slips!

On every table, the musicians will be putting out dedication slips. In each title, there is the section of a song and also a messages section where people can write personalized messages. The musicians will then be reading them out to the guests, and this creates special meaning to the entire notion!

Your corporate events company Singapore will know of this very well, and they should also be advising you on how dedication slips work well with guests. It increases interaction and engagement to a whole new level. Trust us on this when you are planning for your event!

6) High-Quality Sound System

When you have a live performance at your event’s venue, the last thing you want to have is to experience a crappy sound system. What you see is the worst that you can have as all the money that you have invested in your corporate entertainment will come to waste if you were going to have a sound system that does not sound clear.

A professional corporate event live band will ensure that they come along with a great sound system. This sound system will be able to ensure that the musicians’ voices are heard crystal clear, and everyone enjoys the performance thoroughly.

When you get your events company Singapore to do this, do ensure they do it right with the right high-quality sound system for your event! For what that you see on the above, this is one big issue that you will never want to consider saving because it is too big a risk to do so!


The above are the six reasons why you should be choosing a live band for your corporate event! It brings joy and entertainment to all your guests, along with all the six great reasons for you to pick them!

If you are searching for one such events company in Singapore as a recommendation, we will recommend this company called Musical Touch!

They have got great reviews on Google, and they have high ratings in many corporate events blogs as one of the top live band companies in Singapore. They have many singers and musicians to choose from, ranging from two, three, four, five pieces bands, and even to a Pop! Orchestra!

How amazing it sounds to have a pop orchestra at your corporate event?

As much as it sounds great to you, the job is never complete if you do not take action! Remember the six-pointers we are discussing in this article, and then approach your events company Singapore organizer on this issue!

If you apply what we have discussed on the above, we can guarantee you great success in your corporate events planning. You will see success in it, and a great promotion will be next for you!

Happy planning for your corporate event!

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