7 Party Ideas to Celebrate a 21-Year-Old’s Birthday

Turning 18 is one thing as you are considered a legal adult. However, turning 21 is the next big milestone of adulthood where you can now drink alcohol and feel like a true adult outside of your teenage years.

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1. Head to the Bar

Say cheers to the new 21-year-old and order your favorite bar grub and drinks! You can even have the bar staff sing happy birthday to the lucky person as they bring out a cake. Be sure that at least a couple of partygoers are the designated drivers or that Uber drivers are arranged in advance so that everyone can get home safely after the festivities.

2. Rent a Party Bus

Have someone drive to some of the birthday person’s favorite places in a party bus. As you wait to arrive at the destinations, have some drinks and light snacks along the way. Some party buses even have televisions. Be sure to capture the memories of the awesome time you have with friends.

3. Go to a Concert

Is the birthday person’s favorite band playing the same weekend as their birthday? If so, grab tickets in advance and make it a night on the town. When the concert is done, go to a local restaurant or bar of the birthday person’s choice to finish out the night.

4. Visit a Dance Club

Let loose and dance to the music! Celebrate where the party jumps all night at a local club. Have the birthday person request a few songs so that they feel special during their big day. Remember to drink responsibly just the same as you should do if you were at a bar!

5. Have a Sleepover at a Hotel

Gather your friends for a change of scenery during your birthday. Celebrate with drinks, cake, and order in for a fun and chill night just being together. Watch television, listen to music, play your favorite board or tabletop games, and just chill out!

6. Go to An Indoor or Outdoor Theme Park

People with spring or summer birthdays can get in touch with their inner child and go to an outdoor theme or water park. If their birthday is in the fall or winter, go to an indoor theme park! Just because you are an adult does not mean that you have to stop frequenting amusement rides and attractions!

7. Let the Birthday Person Choose the Venue

Does the birthday person have a favorite place to go for entertainment? Whether it’s out to the aquarium, the movie theater, or at a local game store for a game night, let the birthday person choose the venue to feel like the VIP of the evening.


What is the person turning 21 in your life going to do for their birthday? Let us know in the comments so other people can get more party ideas!

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