Arcade party favours – creative ideas to delight your young guests

If you’re planning an arcade-themed party for your child, you might want to consider arcade party favours to make it a memorable and enjoyable experience for your young guests. The best party favours are those that are not only fun but also useful and practical. Here are some creative ideas to help you delight your young guests with arcade party favours.

  1. Mini arcade games – There are plenty of mini games available in the market that are affordable and make great party favours. Choose from classic games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders or modern ones like Mine craft and Angry Birds. These mini arcade games not only fun to play but also portable, making them a great travel companion for your young guests.
  2. Themed toys – You also choose from a wide range of arcade-themed toys that are sure to delight your young guests. Opt for mini pinball machines, toy claw machines, or mini air hockey tables that are perfect for small spaces. These toys are not only fun to play with serve as a reminder of the great time they had at your child’s party.
  3. Customized tokens – Customized kids birthday party venues are a great way to add a personal touch to your arcade-themed party favours. You have your child’s name or the date of the party printed on the tokens, making them a great keepsake for your young guests. They can use these tokens to play games at your local arcade or keep them as a memento of your child’s special day.
  4. Candy-filled machines – Creative idea for arcade party favours is to fill mini arcade machines with candies or small toys. Choose from a variety of themed machines, like candy dispensers or mini gumball machines, to fill with treats. Your young guests will love the surprise of getting their own mini arcade machine and the treats inside.
  5. Stickers and temporary tattoos – These are always a hit with young guests. Wide range of arcade-themed stickers is tattoos to add to your party favours. These items are easy to distribute for kids to collect and trade.
  6. Personalized arcade t-shirts – Personalized arcade t-shirts are a great way to commemorate your child’s arcade-themed party. You have custom t-shirts printed with your child’s name or the date of the party, along with an arcade-themed design. Your young guests will love wearing these t-shirts long after the party is over.
  7. Arcade-themed goody bags – It is also opt for arcade-themed goody bags filled with a variety of items like candy, stickers, toys, and mini arcade games. It can personalize the goody bags with your child’s name and an arcade-themed design, making them a great way to send your young guests home with a piece of the party.

Arcade party favours are a great way to make your child’s arcade-themed party a memorable and enjoyable experience for your young guests. By choosing creative and practical party favours like mini arcade games, you’ll ensure that your young guests have a blast at your child’s party and go home with a memento of their special day.

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