Arizona Taco Festival Promises Incredible Fun for Guests and Brands Alike!

Anyone who has been to Phoenix will admit that the city has some of the best tacos. No matter whether you are a vegan, or someone doesn’t mind tasting weird stuff like cow tongue in your taco, there is a taco for everyone in Arizona. The Arizona Taco Festival, which is scheduled for October later this year, promises to be an event that will bring taco lovers, the best food trucks and event sponsors, together for a fun two-day event.

In this post, we are covering the love for tacos in Arizona, things that guests must know, and other information that can be handy for interested sponsors.

A quick overview of the festival

Arizona Taco Festival is all about celebrating the love for tacos and tequilas. The festival complete 10 years in 2019, and this year, it will be grander and bigger. More than 50 Mexican restaurants are participating for the event, to be held at WestWorld of Scottsdale. If you are a taco lover, you should definitely make time for this one, considering that the pricing allows guests to try as many tacos as possible. There are also going to be contests and smaller events, such as taco eating contest. Also, there will be a Tequila Expo, so if you are interested in knowing about agave spirits, this could be a great chance. The Tequila Expo requires an additional ticket, which includes a wristband, which allows you to test 10 samples of the best premium tequilas.

A great option for sponsors

If you are a local business and want to find prominence by sponsoring an event in Phoenix, Arizona Taco Festival is a great chance too. Considering the number of attendees and other brands that are likely to take part, this could be a great branding opportunity. We recommend that you contact the hosts directly to find more, because they have found sponsors that include top names.

Final word

Arizona Taco Festival is going to be one of its kind in the real sense. Foodies and those who are traveling to Arizona around October should definitely make time, considering the long list of taco inclusions. Tickets will be available online, and enquiries are currently open. They have a dedicated website, so you can find all relevant details. Get ready for an event, where you can also meet likeminded locals and experience the love that people in Arizona have for food and fun!

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