Family Entertainment and Leisure Hub Highlights: Large Venues

The newest addition to the family entertainment and leisure hub is a large venue. The new space will provide visitors with a wide range of experiences, from immersive theme parks to shopping malls. With this new venue, visitors can enjoy all their favorite pastimes in one place!

When you think of family entertainment and leisure, what comes to mind? large venues singapore! That is why we will talk about large venues in this blog post.

This type of venue has more to offer than just what’s on the surface. They often have many attractions, rides, and activities for all ages, making them great places for families.

The Kids’ Play Areas are perfect for the little ones, and the Indoor Sports Halls are perfect for teenagers. We’ll also provide several other activities and entertainment to keep you all happy:

*Cafes and restaurants

*Sports halls

*Large outdoor play areas

*Water parks

They also have large venues to host events like weddings, fundraisers, or even conferences.

The Event Centre is a large venue that can accommodate up to 500 people for your next conference!

* They also have two halls at the banquet hall – one with a seating capacity of 200 and another with 100 seats. The smaller Hall can be used as an overflow room during larger events.

The Wedding Chapel is a beautiful, intimate setting for your wedding, with seating for up to 120 guests.

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