Top Taco Variants To Try At Arizona Taco Festival!

Arizona is famed for its incredible tacos. In fact, there are numerous Mexican restaurants in almost every other city in the state. The love for tacos is so deep that the state even has an annual taco festival. If you are a foodie, waiting for Arizona’s favorite taco festival, which happens in October, here are some of the options worth trying.

Classic tacos

So, what does a classic taco contain? Ideally, it’s about either shredded beef or chicken, and the shell can be soft or crispy as you like it. The toppings include cheese, cream, and tomatoes, while some eateries and trucks also add lettuce. You also have the choice to customize your toppings as you want. Classic tacos are great to have on the go!

Blue Cheese Tacos

Well, blue cheese on top of tacos may not seem like an obvious choice, but this is something you have to try at the festival. You can go for any kind of filling that you like, and top it up with blue cheese. Odd but incredibly fun!

Al Pastor Tacos

For the unversed, this is a pork taco. Seasoned with pineapples and chilis, Al Pastor Tacos contain shredded or sliced pork, and it’s tasty to say the least. Some trucks and very few selected eateries in some states serve it with a type of cactus called nopales, which takes the flavor to the next level.

Veggie tacos

If you are a vegetarian, or someone who wants to try something that doesn’t contain meat, nothing works better than veggie tacos. In Phoenix, you will find more options in veg tacos than anywhere else. The toppings can vary, but the filling can be fresh mushrooms, sliced or grilled veggies – there are literally endless choices.

Tacos de Lengua

There is nothing as odd and diverse as this one. Tacos de Lengua contains cow tongue, and it is not for someone who likes the classic option. However, you will be surprised to know that cow tongue is not merely rich in taste but extremely soft to chew.

Now that you have a list, go ahead and book your tickets for the Arizona food festival, which is all set to happen in October 3rd week, and tickets are available online. Make sure that you try all the new tacos and experimental options that will be ready for your taste buds, and each one promises to be awesome.

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