5 Strategies for a Team Building Event that’s Virtual

Virtual team-building events are quickly becoming the most popular way to spend a day with your colleagues. Virtual meetings, conference calls, and other forms of remote communication have made it possible for businesses worldwide to interact in real-time without ever meeting one another.

Virtual team building is an excellent option for those who live in areas with no access to nearby companies or organizations that offer these types of events. People from different countries can also participate in virtual team building without worrying about expensive international travel expenses!

In this article, we will discuss four strategies you can use when planning a Virtual Team Building Event:

  • Mix It Up: Virtual meetings can feel like unproductive time spent in front of a computer screen. The best way to make them more engaging is by mixing up what you do while you’re online. Invite participants into an application such as Google Hangouts or Skype where everyone has their webcam and microphone set up, then get creative! You can also use Virtual Team Building Singapore for the new experience.
  • Virtual presentations: Virtual team-building events are a great way to introduce your company and the different departments. You can share videos, images, or other multimedia content that showcase what you do best through virtual displays on an online portal for all of those involved in the event to see at once.
  • If you’re looking for more ways to make this interesting than just showing off pictures from around your office, try a Virtual Scavenger Hunt! Participants will be able to find clues hidden throughout your website by solving puzzles or answering questions before they can unlock riddles and explore new areas of your site.
  • A Virtual Potluck is another fun option if you want everyone participating in the team-building event to get some food together with their co-workers.

These are some strategies to keep things interesting at your virtual company.

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