Tips For Decorating Wedding Tents

Remember that decorating wedding tents or outdoor tents for events, whether white or transparent, is essential to make the most of personalization to create impact and prevent guests from feeling that they are too big and cold and lonely.

Here are some tips for decorating wedding tents that will help you get the best look possible.

Paper balloons. Hang paper balloons from the ceiling at different heights, adorned with satin ribbons or lace, for example.

Colored ribbons. Cover the tent’s roof, especially if it is white, with colored strips of cloth hanging side by side to slightly reduce the height and make the space more welcoming.

Fabric panels. Lay fabric panels top to bottom and front to back on each pole, or tie them in the center with silk cords or ribbons. You can place small bouquets on the fabric, although they should be very discreet.

Lights. Lighting is one of the strong points in decorating wedding tents, especially if the wedding is in the afternoon or at the end of the day. LED lights are in fashion because they add a magical and unique touch to any environment. You can pass the lights through the ceiling and drop them down the tent columns like a vine. If you don’t want to opt for LED lights, you can incorporate strings of small cascading lights or blinkers (like Christmas lights) by hanging them on the tent frame, on each beam, or between them. In this way, the environment will remind you of a starry night, guaranteeing a romantic party. You can also place sodium lights along the path that leads guests to the tent.

Candles. If the wedding is in the countryside or on the beach, the decoration of wedding tents cannot be missing candles, to create a more intimate atmosphere. You can place them in jars or glass jars spread around the room and at different heights. Be careful not to place them near flammable materials.

Antique chandeliers. For tents where wooden beams stand out or even for vintage-style weddings, you can choose to place antique chandeliers, which create an elegant and refined atmosphere.

Ribbons, wreaths, or flags. When decorating wedding tents, you can also choose to hang ribbons, flower wreaths, fabric, or tulle flags, or even made them by yourself. Hang them around the top arch of the tent so that they fall onto the wall. Choose the base colors of the wedding.

Silk or tulle pompoms. These elements are also very interesting in the decoration of wedding tents. Hang them from the ceiling, decorating columns or in corners. These pompoms can also be made at home and look great in romantic or vintage looks.

Photo Projection. Display photos on a white wall using a projector. Set up a presentation with photos of the newlyweds or place several projectors around the tent, each with an image. It can also display videos.

Projection of prints. You can also project prints on the walls to create a fake wallpaper effect.

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